Steven Farrimond

I am an artist who uses illustration, sculpture, film and animation to convey the conceptual, yet striving for a tactile aesthetic which appeals to the senses. My experimental work is concerned with dreams, and thus can delve in to the surreal.

Commissions welcome.


I am currently studying Illustration with Animation at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the 3rd year, working for a 1st. I have been accepted in to the Royal College of Art to study Animation at MA level, starting in October 2007



These are Steven Farrimond's Dream Diaries. The idea is to record my dreams every day, written and illustrated starting 1st July 2007. By waking up an hour before I would naturally wake, I am still in a lucid state, allowing me to record my subconcious thoughts and dreams. Please take a look at the archive to see previous months of my Dream Diaries.

8th January